Who is this girl?

If you read enough of my blog I’m sure you’ll start to get a good idea of who I am. But if you don’t have the time or patience, I suppose I’m willing to give a brief synopsis to appease the lazy.

I am:
Quiet, shy, an introvert, contemplative, observant, good listener, nice, empathetic, giving, creative, artsy, goofy, dorky, semi-cynical, semi-jaded, morbid, funny, bookworm, filmophile, hiker, biker, quick learner, honest, curious, etc, etc, etc,

Those are the majority that create the core of me, but really, a person can and does change. Here is a poem I wrote:

I am an ever-evolving enigma. No longer am I the person I was yesterday nor am I the person I will be tomorow.
New information is discovered every day, every hour, even every minute.


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