And In The Beginning…

First blog. Ever. Pressure is on.

Ok, for the sake of my sanity I think I’ll keep this “first” as short and sweet as possible. There will be more than enough time and gigabytes of memory to delve into the deeper stuff. Plus, just like on a first date, you don’t unpack all of your baggage on the table at Applebee’s  right after “nice to meet you.

I’ve finally stumbled my way into this blogging thing because I am at times inspired and haunted by words. My brain waves manifest themselves into poems, essays, journal entries and just random personal quotes. After several years of this, I think I have amassed enough literature to keep a blog going without the daily pressure of trying to come up with something to write about. Plus I am a bit curious, as with most things, what may come of this. By means of personal exploration and by what is brought forth from the reader(s).

So depending on my mood, this will be a form of therapy, a distraction from boredom or an outlet for creative expression.




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